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Missed or delayed appointments cost healthcare centers millions of dollars each year and result in long-term damage to the health of the patient. Rides to Health brings together patients, transportation networks, funding sources, and health care centers to provide rides to those in need. By linking driver apps to health center command modules to and patient phones all sides benefit from the increased coordination.

Rides to Health is designed to improve the availability and reliability of transportation for healthcare center patients by increasing access to services and subsidies, and providing real-time monitoring.
The central system connects the dots of all the parties involved to integrate transportation and care.

Flexible Entry

    Rides to Health is easy for all parties to participate in; each is provided their own user interface and tools.
  • Patients can join by call center, smartphone app, or web
  • Funding agencies set rules for eligibility, subsidy and copay, service limitations, and requirements.
  • Rides to Health connects patients to the available funding sources and transportation that best fits their needs.

Easy to Use

    Rides to Health takes care of the complex routing and trip organization behind the scenes.
  • The healthcare center operations module groups patients and organizes appointments for ease of transportation.
  • Rides to Health provides efficient routes to transportation providers.
  • The system automatically compiles comprehensive reports relevant to each party.
  • All user interfaces are designed for accessibility and ease of use.


  • Patients

  • Funding Sources

  • Transportation Services

  • Healthcare Centers

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